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Split milk, spilt blood

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Jul. 24th, 2007 | 09:38 am
posted by: sareena99 in lactivism

Does a country have the right to put the health of it's babies over corporate interests?
In the Philippines this dispute is leading to a blood bath.

>This year, two big Western milk companies were granted government permission to establish new infant-formula manufacturing plants in the Philippines, a decision Health Department Undersecretary Padilla referred to as "schizophrenic".
Legal questions over the constitutionality of the RIRR's restrictions on advertising are now being weighed by the Supreme Court, in a landmark case that will adjudicate between public-health and commercial rights in the country. UNICEF and the WHO recently indicated that the court's decision could set an important precedent for how milk companies are allowed to promote their products in other countries in the region.<
>Those monitoring the case say the proceedings have been riddled with irregularities - though it's unclear on whose behalf. Nestor Ballacillo, a lawyer retained by the Health Department to argue his case, was mysteriously gunned down with his son in Manila in December before he could testify. A second legal representative, Jose Bernas, retained as a consultant by UNICEF and WHO for the case, was nearly shot to death in his Manila offices by three assailants posing as journalists who briefly took a secretary hostage, according to a UNICEF representative in Bangkok. <


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