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The is a CLOSED COMMUNITY maintained by zenren. Please do not request access to this communtiy via my personal journal. I cannot add you via the console any longer and those requests will be ignored. Instead you must request to be added by clicking the link to join at the top of this page, like you would for an open community, and I can approve you that way.

A community for those who support and encourage breastfeeding. This is NOT a debate community, but for those PRO breastfeeding. Topics include the benefits of breastfeeding, fun nursing experiences, the breastfeeding bond, tandem nursing, why breast is best, attachment parenting, breastfeeding information, etc.

Keep posts positive and encouraging. We are here to promote breastfeeding and help new mothers get off to a good start with information and support.

Being a closed community, due to past issues with another community "stealing" posts to criticize, please keep anything you dont want people who are not members to see posted as friends only.

If you have any questions, feel free to email zenren.

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